The difference and advantages of a TRIPLY bearing. Bearing Inserts.

TRIPLY bearing. Bearing Inserts

These bearings are used, and are ideal for applications where the bearings are exposed to wet or dusty conditions and were extra sealing protection is needed.

They are made with a triple nitrile lip seal bonded to a bellowed protective pressed steel shield. The bellowed shield is the most visually noticeable feature of this kind of  bearing and of course the increased resistance created by the triple lip if you try and rotate the bearing is a tell-tale giveaway.

The extra sealing increases the bearing life ,while extending relubricating intervals thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Some examples of application where this bearing would be needed are agricultural disc ploughs, Stump grinders , wood chippers, chemical production, sewerage treatment, car washing , laundry washing , fish processing, garbage disposal, food processing and many more.